LEL2013 – LEL2017

The next goal is LEL 2017. Last time was disaster. Why – I had very bad leg problem. I rode only a couple of hundreds km before the start June and July – I was totally unfit. Didn’t sleep at all three days before the start. No sleep during two days and nights what I could ride. As very full value rider I got only food what was left – some greasy staff.

I rode with a group. Too fast and spent too much time during the breaks. In Brampton check point the signs were missing middle of the night. Lost almost one hour looking for the place. This is a short version of the failures. There were lot of more 😉 I quit in Moffat. It was very pleasant town. Nice pub 😉 With a friend we took a bus to Edinburgh. The bikes were luckily transported to London by organisers. That was the main reason to quit too early than needed. I had some time in hand still at that moment. From Edinburgh by night train to London at the rest is history.

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