B300, B400 and Fleche Finland

I rode all those rides. B300 was a quite normal ride to Viitasaari and back. Fleche to Jyväskylä was very good ride with team of three. Only 370km and 23.45h. Some new roads. Visited Sulkava first time by bike and Juva ABC, too.

B400 was kind of via dolorosa. I planned a trip to Mikkeli and back same route. Weather was perfect when I started friday evening. First to Varkaus where I had break. Then to Pieksämäki where local ABC (below) was closed already at 10 pm. Not 12pm.

Pieksämäki ABC

Pieksämäki ABC

Luckily I had enough water and something to eat. But after midnight I became very sleepy and had to even every 15 minutes. 80km to Mikkeli took almost 5h.

Road  side hotel ;)

Roadside hotel 😉

Temperature was about 8-10 Celsius but I had enough clothes which is not so usual for me. In Mikkeli there is 24h ABC station so I had fresh porridge after 5am.

I left Mikkeli about 6am and soon it starter to rain heavily. It rained the whole trip back to Kuopio. I was so wet and had so cold that I was ready to quit. But because I didn’t have transportation to home so I carried on. I had my winter jacket and rain coat but still it was very cold. Rain trousers were no good anymore after 4 hours of rain.

I rode home very slow hill by hill. It took 26h (402km). I had planned to be fast (22H) (as always 😉 ) But shit happens…

Next ride may be B600 if I dont sell my bikes before that 😉

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