Differences between LEL and PBP – very short version

I have ridden half LEL (fail – rode with one leg) and the whole PBP. Shortly PBP is well organized and LEL less. LEL needs much more navigating skills and its ”self-sufficient” what ever it means. For a first timer PBP is better.

LEL: Check-in and the start is simple. No need to strain the brain. Left hand traffic is very difficult to handle when you are tired. Roundabouts are awful. Traffic is less lively. Food is on the house, but last time as running late all I got was a quite greasy stuff. Last time signs to Brampton check point were missing when I arrived there middle of the night (someone from staff said stolen?) and I got wrong address. This eventually got me to drop out even I had some time and energy left to ride futher Likely nothing similar will happen.

My opionion is less positive before start. But I am sure that this time I am pleasantly surprised after the trip.

Photo: Moffat – Summit Post – After Moffat by bus to Edinburgh. (LEL2013)

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