So far – So good – So bad


I have ridden 200, 300, fleche (360) and 600 brevet so far. I got back pain (SI-joint?) after flu that I had on the Easter. Painful ailment. Still I have tried to ride normally.

Fleche was maybe the best one ever because of a good team and steady slow pace. Kuopio to Jyväskylä 24h and 360km.


Above something without brains during the fleche

Helsinki-Satakunta-Helsinki 600k

Last year was my first and the last (I said after the ride) in this yearly classic ride. I had too short memory so I went again. I drove camper van to Oittaa Camping already Thursday two days before start. Friday I rested and tried to heal my back. After rest day my back was worse than normally 🙁 Saturday morning I woke up at 5 o’clock. 6am I took my bike and I was ready to ride to the middle of Helsinki where the Ride started.

Unexpectedly front wheel didn’t move at all. The tyre was too big? I have 25/28 size Spesialized something tyre at the moment on my front wheel. I have ridden over 1000km by it. Now it had become too big??

I emptied the tyre little by little until the wheel spinned again. I bought Wahoo Bolt navigator before The Ride and it was good enough and I found the starting place.

The Ride

The first 20k was a group ride of 27 participants. These group rides are always too fast for me. This time I survived. I started to ride alone by my own speed. It is nowadays the best solution. Drink alone – sorry ride alone. Afterwhile I got company.  The same Gentleman was on the side of the road with whom I rode a lot during the last year ride. So with the Gentleman Bob I rode the whole trip. Excluding the last 28k because he ate pizza at the last stop and I carry on riding after short stop.

The last 100k

First 500k was a quite pleasant riding. Eating and riding. Sometimes resting. Roads where good or very good. Scenery was nice.

But the last 100k was a piece of shit. The same hill all time time again and again (I felt so).

 I managed to ride to the end. No walking. Rode every hill. Hurt my knees. Got my old thigh problem again. I wasn’t happy at all. 38h and 615k. This was the last HSH for me. No more extra hills even it is ”intrinsic value” for some.</

PS. The bike broke too. It creak all the time when I pumped the pedals.

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