What next?

2013 LEL DNF

2015 PBP OK

2017 LEL DNF

What next? I’m still riding monthly 200k (x77th month). After first 100k riding is very dull. I almost miss winter riding because in the winter time there is some challenge to ride 200k. Almost 😉

It’s 2 years to next PBP. Last time as always I promised to myself not go (come) there (here) ever again. Do I have once again a short memory?

I have one goal left. To ride 1000k in Finland. I will try it next summer. I have still bad lower back problem (started April), but it doesn’t prevent me riding like former thigh pain. First 7 hours riding is OK, but after that riding is a quite painful 🙁

There will be Sverige Tempo (2100k ?) 2020 in Sweden that might be a ride to participate but for that I should start to train. 1200k I can ride without training.

In Finland we have a national competition for ”ordinary people” and active riders to gather kilometers. I have had a team there almost every time (summer competition 1.5. to 22.9. and winter competition 1.1. to 30.3.). Quite often my team has been among the top three. Like this year. https://www.kilometrikisa.fi/

5600k and 53 starts from 1.5. to 22.9. Not bad with my bad back. This summer competition will be my last with my own team. Next time I will (if I participate) be ”rank-and-filer” in some other team.

After this summer LEL I ended up writing to the Finnish cycling forum. It has become so childish. It has always been, but now it has gone over the edge.

One way to cheer up dying hobby is to buy new things. I have almost unused cyclo cross bike. I have started slowly planning to make it a winter or even new summer bike. I have unused butterfly handlebars. Maybe I take road handlebars off and put the other one in stead. There should be room for wider tyres and mudguards.

I hope I can fix my back soon.


”Ride the snake
He’s old and his skin is cold”




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