Wintersoltice Ride 2017

It’s the time again. Overnight ride from Somewhere to Tampere 150km at least. I have not ride December the 200km yet. Bad back is getting even worse. I have lost my appetite for early starts. It is so dark outside. No daylight. And I am afraid of being too slow in order to get under 13,5h.

So, I’ll be planning my last try for Wintersoltice Ride. The route should be easy enough. Starting place in Kaskinen 400km from Kuopio. We’ll get there by car. The driver goes to Tampere to wait us there. The us are me and Old Faitful 😉

The tempature will only 2-3 minus celsius. Not bad, but no prober winter weather this time either.

Clothes: little more than needed. Less than normally in the winter time.

Candle is burning weakly but it’s still burning ;(

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