Wintersoltice 2017 – How it happened – talvipäivänseisaus once more

Shortly: 236 km, nice weather, partly icy roads, no normal headwind 😉 2 riders.

Because (Kuopio) Jyväskylä to Tampere roads has been thoroughly ridden I planned the route from Kaskinen to Tampere. We got car ride to Kaskinen where we started ride about 3 pm. Weather was nice. Gentle headwind and icy roads. Coastal area has different landscape than Kuopio area. NO HILLS 😉 First proper hill was after 150km.

We ride fast for me. During last years my riding speed has reduced. So 20 km/winter speed is very fast for me. My only plan was ride December 200k in time.

First break was in Kankaanpää 110km. Because of (too) fast ride I lost my appetite and got my normal (too-fast-for-me) sickness and started feeling very nauseous. Not first time, but nowadays a quite rare thing because I ride on purpose quite slow normally. Coke and chocolate – that was main dish 😉 I ate. 110km is a little too far for first break, but that was the plan and I knew it.

Second break was in  Parkano. There I felt already very tired. This time I could eat more. Only 50km left for 200. 200k went under 13h. That was very good.

After 200k in Ikaalinen road E12 started hills. They were surprisingly difficult to ride. My ”weak” ticker didn’t like them at all. I felt so weird that I was quite ready for call an ambulance. But eventually I managed recover a little in order to carry proper riding. Last break in Ylöjärvi was pleasant. I could easily eat porridge and that made feel better.


My normal weekend rides have been very short 30-60km only and very slow (12-14 km/h). Because of bad back (excuse) I don’t exercise anything else than riding. I am too weak for winter long rides. I know that long distance cycling is full of suffering. At least for me.  But too much is too much.

This was the beginning of the end.




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