82th monthly 200km

Short history: 2.1.2018 I tried alone ride 200km. Weather was too bad. Snowing, raining, wet and a lot of sleet. DNF. 150km was the result.  Now it was windy 7-8m/s but otherwise normal winter weather -5C to -7C and no snowing or sleet on the road. And I had my super-domestique with me. Not riding alone this time.

7.1.2018. Start 6:30am:

2l hot water in 3 thermosbottle. 2 thin slices of bread. 2 bars of chocolate. 1 banana. 2 liquorice stick. Ride plan: Kuopio -Puutossalmi (Puutossalmentie) – Kurkimäki – Vesanto – Kuopio = 200km.

First plan and goal: 0 – 26km southwest. Partly tailwind – try to pedal fast.Take it easy. Small break in the turning point and  eat half of banana and drink. (Puutossalmentie).

Second goal: 27 – 60km end of Kurkimäentie (Kurkimäki). After break back the same road turn left hill up turn right. Mostly very strong headwind. Not bad hills. Feels already bad. Drink. Eat rest of banana. Half liquorice stick.

Third goal: 60 – 120km or 95 km. Vesanto or Tervo. Cafe. Only indoor break. Very strong headwind. Feeling shit. Legs are very heavy. No power to pedal anymore.  First planned to ride without break further west to Vesanto. No strength left. Had to have break in Tervo.

During this section I calculate riding options 1. 20 big bad Hills + headwind 2. Crosswind + bad road surface 3. DNF 200k and ride back home in tailwind.

Break:  Ate little bread and donut. Drank Coffee and mineral water.

Decision: found some of my legs but decided not to ride against headwind. Turned north to small roads. Surprisingly road surface wasn’t so bad at all.

95km – .Small circle and back to Tervo. Ate some bread and chocolate. Then tailwind and back to Kurkimäki. In Kurkimäki I felt pretty good. I realised that I finish in time.  Near Kuopio I was death again.

I hate to wait for You all the time!!!

It was still missing 18km and only 12km left if we ride normal route back home. There is a new bridge in a new neighborhood and we decide to ride via that bridge. It made the rest of the trip little longer and in town I had to circle only 3 km before finishing the ride at home. 13h 10min – and I was very very tired. I was near to vomiting. So, normal winter ride 😉

Summary: Tuesday 150 + Sunday 200 proved that I have some balls left. Both of rides were heavier than normal ride. Only problem is that I am too, too slow and weak nowadays. I hate February already.

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